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Love is in the air!

Posted by Merri Hiatt on January 15, 2012 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)


Yes, I'm all about the love! My newest works, the Celebrating Love Trilogy, will be out in the next few months starting with 14 Love Letter Lane, which will be released in February.

I'm excited about these three books about three friends who've known each other since grade school. They work at Revive, a local coffee shop just off the boardwalk in the small seaside town of Lexington.

Andrea, Darcy and Ginny are more than ready to meet the men of their dreams. The trouble is, they can't seem to find them.

One day, Andrea receives a love letter from a secret admirer. The three co-workers sharpen their sleuthing skills to find Andrea's secret love.

Meanwhile, Ginny meets a man who just moved to town and sweeps her off her feet and Darcy has the dress and the red leather boots ready and waiting for a fabulous Valentine's Day, if she can only find a date!

Join these three caring friends as they travel the oftentimes choppy waters of love. As always, a happy ending is guaranteed.

Join with me in Celebrating Love!

Teaser from the Mangadarth Trilogy (coming in 2012!)

Posted by Merri Hiatt on November 6, 2011 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (2)


“How do you, as you say, harness power?”

“Hand me that wooden bowl full of walnuts, Marayah.”

Marayah fetched the heavy bowl and handed it to her mother.

“Do you see how this bowl is full to the brim? Not one more walnut could be placed in it without falling out.”

Marayah nodded.

“We hold thoughts in our head in much the same manner. When you are excited about going swimming in the ocean with your father, you can barely sleep the night before. What is your head full of?”

“Thoughts of the last time we were there and how much fun we had jumping at the waves and building castles made of sand. My head is full of memory and wanting to do those same things again.”

“Yes. So our head is often full of all these many memories of yesterday combined with thoughts of tomorrow, filling the space to overflowing. We need to empty it, to allow space for new memories to be formed. When we are full, nothing more can spill into us. Something must spill out.”

Sarah turned the bowl over and walnuts dropped to the floor by their feet.

“If my memory spills out, where does it go and can I still visit it?”

“Yes, Marayah. We think our memories live in our head, but they actually live in our heart, tucked away in the smallest of spaces, so we will never run out of room for them.”

“Even if I have a hundred memories, mother?”

“Even if you have a thousand memories, Marayah.”

Marayah tried to imagine her thoughts and memories traveling down her body to her heart. “I am not sure I can do this mother. My thoughts seem to be remaining in my head.”

Sarah smiled. “It will take time and practice. You will learn to do this thing.”

“When my head is empty, then what?”

“Now is the time to think on what you desire to come forth. Let us imagine a snake has found its way into your bed.”

“Oh, I’d rather not, mother.”

“We are pretending, the snake cannot hurt you. So, you see this serpent at the foot of your bed. What do you want?”

“To kill it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Quite sure, mother.”

“Think on this a moment. Do you want to kill the snake or do you want the snake to go away? Do you want to move and leave the snake in your bed? Do you want the snake to simply slither out the doorway and back into the wood from whence it came?”

Marayah was quiet as she imagined each outcome. “I should not want the snake to die. It may have found its way into my bed on accident as I might find my way into its lair one day by accident and I would not want it to kill me.

I would choose for the snake to go on about its journey, outside and out of my bed.”

“We all come to a crossroad, Marayah, when we must choose a path. It is often easiest to choose the first path we think of, rather than stopping and giving weight to all the options before us.

You would have had the asp killed, but when you thought on it, you were of a different mind. Decisions should not be made with haste. The outcome you seek should not harm another, only provide protection for you and those around you.”

“What if there is no time to think on all these things, mother? If I were to wake up in the middle of the night and feel the adder’s tongue on my flesh, I would scream and smash it with father’s boot. I would not be stopping to ponder the crossroad of thoughts. I would have no thoughts other than being rid of the creature.”

“That is why we shall practice. Again and again and again. You will come to know yourself and your motivation will be clear. You will find it easier to think quickly and to weigh your options with haste, but also with reason.”

“You ask a lot of me, mother. I am not sure I can do these things.”

“I am sure you can.”

~ From the Mangadarth Trilogy by Merri Hiatt (coming in 2012!)


Confession is good for the soul, right?

Posted by Merri Hiatt on October 19, 2011 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (4)

At least that's the saying, so here goes. I'm addicted to Seinfeld reruns. There, I said it.

When the show was in its heyday, I tried watching the sitcom, but didn't find it funny in the least. Why would anyone watch a show about nothing?

Well, a couple years ago I stumbled across the episode titled "The Contest." I about died laughing through that episode. I started to understand why George, Elaine, Jerry and Kramer kept so many people entertained.

Now, a night doesn't go by that I'm not glued to the t.v. from 10-11pm watching reruns. I've seen every episode, multiple times, yet still can't seem to hit the off button on the remote.

From Elaine's hideous dancing to George's neurosis, Kramer's Kavorka to Jerry's tip calculator ("It does other things!"), I see bits and pieces of myself in the characters. Yes, even in the shallowness (maybe especially in the shallowness).

It's good fun.

So, don't bother calling between ten and eleven o'clock in the evening, you'll just get my voice mail. I'm watching Seinfeld, and I couldn't be happier.

Here's a link to Seinfeld episode quotes. I dare you to click on just one!

Exciting week!

Posted by Merri Hiatt on September 12, 2011 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Most people don't put editing and exciting in the same sentence. I know I never used to. Images of long, drawn-out hours spent rewording a sentence or changing a comma to a period come to mind. The exciting part for me is that I can change anything that doesn't work or makes me stumble when I read a sentence. A writer isn't stuck with their first draft (thank goodness!), or even their fourth or fifth draft. Writing is not static. It's more like a river with its wild rapids, waterfalls and calm inlets. You never know what's around the bend!

The only part of editing that I don't like is the strain on my recently operated eye. I need to take more breaks and miss things I ordinarily wouldn't. I don't know what we did before computers. I can increase the font size to 24, if needed, and keep on plugging away at the rewrites.

I've also been working on creating covers for the Embracing Love Trilogy. I couldn't be more delighted to finally find the "magic three" that represent Purity, Meg and Courtney, as well as linking the three books in a cohesive way. Check 'em out below.

Yes, this is my idea of fun. It's a sickness, I know.

Edit, sleep, eat. Repeat. Oh, and then there's my day job. If there were just more hours in a day...

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