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Enter to win a FREE paperback copy of When Love's Gone Camping

Posted by Merri Hiatt on September 26, 2013 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Goodreads to enter to win a FREE paperback copy of When Love's Gone Camping! You have until October 14, 2013 to enter. The winner will be chosen first thing October 15, 2013.

With a campground named Whispering Pines, how could a camping trip be anything but restful and relaxing? Enter Jacob's friend, Addison. Not only does she have eyes for Jacob, she thinks his dad is a lot of fun, too. Join the gang for ghost stories, s'mores, hiking, fishing and a few surprises. When Love's Gone Camping can be read as a standalone book or after reading the Embracing Love Trilogy.

Good luck!


This is not an April Fools joke!

Posted by Merri Hiatt on April 1, 2013 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Enter to win a FREE paperback copy of When Love's Gone Country April 1-21 at Goodreads.

Linky goodness:

WHEN LOVE'S GONE COUNTRY (Sequel two of the Embracing Love Trilogy)
A two-week trip to a working ranch has everyone excited to learn about ranchin' and wranglin'. When they arrive, the ranch is not what they expected. Meg summed it up best: "This doesn't look like the brochure." A mysterious hot springs, poisoned water, a trip to Moon Spirit Lodge and issues from Jacob's past make for a vacation to remember.

When Love's Gone Country can be read as a standalone book or after reading the Embracing Love Trilogy.

Good luck! And watch out for pranksters today. :D



March Madness & Mayhem!

Posted by Merri Hiatt on March 2, 2013 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

March is chock full of excitement already!

First, the paperback version of Runway Romance is now available through online retailers.

Second, I'm almost done with edits for When Love's Gone Country! It will be available at Amazon in a few days!

Third, you can enter a giveaway at Goodreads through March 22nd to win a free paperback copy of Runway Romance. Here's a link:

And finally, it's the deal of the century!! 50% off all my novels and omnibus' at Smashwords March 3-9, 2013. E-books are available in many formats for the various types of e-readers (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.).

 If you've never spent time at Smashwords, you're missing out! When you purchase a title, you have access to all the formats forevermore. They are also one of the few sales channels who allow titles to be listed free indefinitely!

 The link below lists my titles at Smashwords, but do look around the site. You may find your next favorite author there.

 Remember, e-books are not 50% off until March 3rd. Titles I have listed at $.99 are not included in the sale.

 Use code REW50 when checking out to receive the 50% discount.

Happy March!!!!!

Book Signing at Holiday Festival Bazaar - November 10th

Posted by Merri Hiatt on October 8, 2012 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)


I'll be signing books at a Holiday Festival Bazaar on Saturday, November 10th, from 10am to 4pm at Marysville United Methodist Church (5600 64th St. NE, Marysville, WA 98270). I'll have paperback books available for purchase, as well.

The event will be filled with vendors of every kind, so stop by for a few minutes or a few hours!

The Holiday Festival Bazaar is sponsored by the KLOZ 4 KIDZ program at Marysville United Methodist Church. A wonderful resource for local children to receive a pair of shoes, jacket and everything in between.

I'm really excited to be part of the Festival and hope to see you there!




Love in the Air Trilogy

Posted by Merri Hiatt on September 8, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (3)


Join Jenny, Patricia and Kate, three flight attendants searching to find

Love in the Air

in the current trilogy I'm writing. You can read snippets from each of the books as I write them by following Merri Hiatt on Twitter or Facebook.

 I haven't written the complete blurbs for the books, but here are a few teasers. :D

Jenny falls for a man who almost runs her down on the tarmac as he delivers luggage to an airplane holding cargo. Kisses on the runway ensue as their romance blossoms.

Patricia meets a passenger on a flight to the Lone Star state. They find a long distance romance difficult to manage.

Kate has a thing for pilots -- all of them. She hops into bed with each one she works with, until the day she finds one man who satisfies all her needs.

Makes me want to head to the airport and take a trip on the wings of love!


Two free paperback copies of Spring Love available!

Posted by Merri Hiatt on August 16, 2012 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Two paperback copies of Spring Love (Seasons of Love Series) are being given away at Goodreads. Click on the link below and sign up. You could be one of the winners!  Goodreads - Spring Love 

Good luck!

Enter to win a FREE paperback copy of Autumn Love!

Posted by Merri Hiatt on May 21, 2012 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Enter to win a FREE paperback copy of Autumn Love at Goodreads! Here's a link:

Two copies of the paperback book will be given away. You have until June 2, 2012, at midnight to enter at Goodreads.

What's the book about, read on:

Autumn Fieldstone works as a receptionist at a recording studio during the day, singing at weddings, birthday parties and any paying gig she can get during her off hours.

When she enters a country singing contest, putting her in direct competition with the love of her life, she finds out love and music don't always mix.

Books in the Seasons of Love Series may be read in any order.

Puddle of Poetry

Posted by Merri Hiatt on April 30, 2012 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I've put together a little book of poetry and it's available now!

Poetry is my first love. Well, words are my first love, so I guess it stands to reason that using them in any format would make my spirit soar. There's something special about poetry, though. Magical. Mysterious. How a line can sink into your marrow and burrow its way snugly into the fabric of who you are. Love that!

Puddle of Poetry: Swinging on the pendulum from sassiness to sensitivity to seriousness, Merri Hiatt shares sixty-two poems about love, compansionship, being a cancer surivor and both the human and spiritual experience.

Dip your toe in the Puddle of Poetry and experience life and all its glorious emotions. Sometimes we all need to get a bit wet.

A few poem titles:

New Baby Smell
Daffodil Whispers
In This Moment
Red Suspenders
Unforgiving Soil
Caged Flowers
In the Shallows
Who God Is
Cancer's Hot Breath

Available in e-book format now at Amazon and Smashwords and in paperback format at Createspace (coming soon to Amazon). Clicking on a link will open a new browser.





It roots itself deeply in your soul.


Plays endlessly with your every emotion.


Stings your senses with its poison.


It easily insinuates itself into being your


best friend and your worst enemy --


all rolled into one huge ball of


abhorrent discontent.


You play it cool.


Act as if the danger isn't near.


Can't touch you.


Won't control you.


Doesn't own you.


And then one day you realize


the grip is so tight


you can't even dream of escape.


Guess who you've become?


A three-syllabled


shell of your former self.









Home Depot builds cages


to keep its flowers and plants


from escaping.










I wonder if an escaping rose bush


is a common problem?


It's like the doors


in public bathrooms


with their metal locks


and thick doors.


Is there a big problem


with people trying to ram the doors


and watch people pee?


The leaves on the tree next to my staircase


were amazing today.






Kelly green.


They changed overnight.


I swear they weren't like that yesterday.


I would help them,


the plants and flowers


housed within












at Home Depot,


if they asked me to.







Even now I can feel the hot sting of death


from the dragon’s fiery throat


against my neck.


Blazing a trail down my spine.


The spittle sizzles on my flesh


as the cells inside my body seize


with an infestation of disease.



You see me as a whole, complete person.


Your eyes deceive you.


I am the walking wounded.


A woman who swims


inside a swirling, frenetic spiral


intent on consuming her.



The hairs on the back of my neck


stand on end.






Waiting for the teeth of the beast


to pierce my fleshy tissue.



How long can I run?


How long can I endure the hunt?


The game I play


has become far too real,


and yet something stirs inside me


and will not let me succumb.


It bids me onward.


Gives my feet wings.


Lets my spirit sing with hope


that the sticky breath will be abated


and I shall be victorious.







i see you


through the warm eyes of love --


the thinning hair


the failing vision


the creaking body


fade from view



what do i see when i look at you --


a gentle heart


warm, soft hands


wonderful crinkly laugh lines



the best part --


walking beside you


sharing the silence


traveling the journey


with the companion of my soul







Daffodils wave their sunny heads


as passersby


snap photographs.



The sea of brilliant yellow blooms


whispers to their tender souls:


pause for a moment,


breathe in


the beauty that surrounds you,


remember every second is a gift,


come dance with me


in the warm breeze --


it will be time well spent.


14 Love Letter Lane Paperback Book Giveaway on Goodreads

Posted by Merri Hiatt on April 2, 2012 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Starting today, April 2, through April 28, you can enter to win a free paperback copy of 14 Love Letter Lane at Goodreads. Here's a link: Goodreads Two copies will be given away at random. Good luck!

Here's a description of the book (and the two other books in the Celebrating Love Trilogy):

14 LOVE LETTER LANE (Book one of the Celebrating Love Trilogy)
Three friends who've known each other since grade school work at Revive, a local coffee shop just off the boardwalk in the seaside town of Lexington. Andrea, Darcy and Ginny are more than ready to meet the men of their dreams. The trouble is they can't seem to find them.


Andrea receives a love letter from a secret admirer. Ginny meets a man who just moved to town and sweeps her off her feet. Darcy has the dress and the red leather boots ready and waiting for a fabulous Valentine's Day, if she can only find a date!


Join these three caring friends as they travel the oftentimes choppy waters of love. As always, a happy ending is guaranteed.




21 ROMANCE WAY (Book two of the Celebrating Love Trilogy)
The journey continues from 14 Love Letter Lane (Book one of the Celebrating Love Trilogy), as Darcy, Ginny and Andrea take Jim up on a generous business opportunity. Meanwhile, John's past sparks questions about his involvement with the fire at Revive and flames of a different kind sizzle between Darcy and Jim.


28 PASSION BOULEVARD (Book three of the Celebrating Love Trilogy)
The final book of the Celebrating Love Trilogy brings Darcy to passion's door, Ginny to steadfast love and Andrea to a newfound appreciation for the gift of every day. Desire, tears and heart-wrenching life events bring this Happily Ever After tale to its conclusion.

14 Love Letter Lane

Posted by Merri Hiatt on February 5, 2012 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (2)

14 Love Letter Lane is available in e-book and paperback formats NOW! 

14 Love Letter Lane is the first of three books in the Celebrating Love Trilogy about three women who have been friends since grade school. They work together at Revive, a local seaside coffee shop.

When Andrea receives an anonymous love letter, the three friends put their heads together to discover who her secret admirer is.

Meanwhile, Ginny meets a man new to Lexington and Darcy has the magic sex boots and the dress for a fabulous Valentine's Day, too bad she doesn't have a date!

The second and third books, 21 Romance Way and 28 Passion Boulevard, will be available in Spring and Summer 2012.

14 Love Letter Lane is available now at the following websites:
Amazon -
Barnes & Noble -
Smashwords -
CreateSpace -

I hope you'll enjoy getting to know Darcy, Ginny and Andrea as much as I enjoyed creating them!


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