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Embracing Love Trilogy

The Embracing Love Trilogy: When Love's at Work, When Love's at Home and When Love's at Play

Three women meet at a spiritual retreat and their lives are changed. Wait, it's not what you think; they almost bumped into one another because they were contemplating ways to leave!

Add three men to the mix, an ex-boyfriend with vengeance on his mind, two runaway boys, blackmailers, a twenty-seven day job interview, unscrupulous art agents, two weddings, a homicide, and a dog named Diego, and you have the Embracing Love Trilogy.

The Embracing Love Trilogy Omnibus is now available! It contains all three books in the Embracing Love Trilogy.

When Love's on Vacation (Sequel one of the Embracing Love Trilogy)
The She Musketeers are back! Purity, Meg and Courtney are gathering up the men they love and heading for a vacation they've dubbed "California Dreamin'." While they're enjoying fun in the sun, a sinister plan begins to unfold that finds them in harm's way at every turn. They join together to turn the tables on their attackers and even manage to spend a few days in Las Vegas.


When Love's Gone Country (Sequel two of the Embracing Love Trilogy)

A two-week trip to a working ranch has everyone excited to learn about ranchin' and wranglin'. When they arrive, the ranch is not what they expected. Meg summed it up best: "This doesn't look like the brochure." A mysterious hot springs, poisoned water, a trip to Moon Spirit Lodge and issues from Jacob's past make for a vacation to remember.

When Love's Gone Camping (Sequel three of the Embracing Love Trilogy)

With a campground named Whispering Pines, how could a camping trip be anything but restful and relaxing? Enter Jacob's friend, Addison. Not only does she have eyes for Jacob, she thinks his dad is a lot of fun, too. Join the gang for ghost stories, s'mores, hiking, fishing and a few surprises. When Love's Gone Camping can be read as a standalone book or after reading the Embracing Love Trilogy.

Sequels can be read as a standalone book or after reading the Embracing Love Trilogy.


Paperback and e-books are available online at the following websites:
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Smashwords - When Love's at Work
Smashwords - When Love's at Home
Smashwords - When Love's at Play
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Smashwords - The Embracing Love Trilogy Omnibus

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CreateSpace - When Love's at Home
CreateSpace - When Love's at Play
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