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Mangadarth Trilogy

Available now!

Vampires, wicked curses, poisoned minds, secrets buried deep in the heart of Banion Castle and the blood of innocent souls staining the sky.

Welcome to Mangadarth.

When Eldrick Banion brings his wife, Marayah, back to Castle Banion, he is determined to make it the last time she escapes. While Marayah bides her time, she sees the ruin Mangadarth has fallen into and vows to help the people she holds dear.

The darkened skies once held billowy clouds and colored bows. Not today. No shadows fall on Mangadarth's streets from the rays of the sun. Young ones run screaming in the night to keep predators at bay. There is no space considered safe within these walls.

Marayah's hope shines in the eyes of her daughter, Harmony. Visions of the day they will walk together on the sandy shores with the gentle breeze caressing their skin fill her thoughts. Will Harmony embrace this future not of her choosing or leave Mangadarth behind forever?

The Mangadarth Trilogy

Marayah's Return
City Reborn
My Mother's Eyes


Paperback and e-books available at:


Barnes and Noble

Smashwords - Marayah's Return

Smashwords - City Reborn

Smashwords - My Mother's Eyes

CreateSpace - Marayah's Return 

CreateSpace - City Reborn

CreateSpace - My Mother's Eyes

E-book only at KoboSonyApple iTunesDieselBaker & Taylor's Blio

Also available at Amazon UK 

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The Mangadarth Trilogy Omnibus is now available. It includes all three books in the Mangadarth Trilogy.

Amazon - The Mangadarth Trilogy Omnibus

Barnes & Noble - The Mangadarth Trilogy Omnibus

Smashwords - The Mangadarth Trilogy Omnibus

 E-book only at KoboSonyApple iTunesDiesel, Baker & Taylor's Blio



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