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Looking for a short story? Enjoy one of these:

vSanta Hates Seattle
vSarah and the Magic Beans
vPotato Chip Princess
vMama Lives in My Hair
vThe Magical Christmas Cookies


Santa Hates Seattle

Available now in paperback and exclusively in e-book format at Amazon. Available in paperback at Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace and other online booksellers. 


"Santa hates Seattle," a television news reporter declares after airing an interview with an inebriated gentleman who stumbled from Polanzky's Pub, slipped on an icy patch of snow and told reporters Santa Claus hit him with his sleigh. Eight-year-old Samantha Kinsey can't believe her ears. Her mother reassures her that Santa could never hate Seattle, but Sam is not convinced. She decides to send Santa an e-mail and make him a gift to show him how much she loves him. When Christmas rolls around the following year, Sam asks for an intangible gift. A wish even Santa will have difficulty granting.

This short story is approximately 15,000 words.


Sarah and the Magic Beans

Available now in paperback and e-book format at Amazon
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Sarah Carpenter has three days to pay her rent and less than four dollars in her checking account. To take her mind off her troubles, she heads to the local farmer?s market a mile from her apartment. A mysterious woman offers her a lavender pouch filled with contents unknown. Instructions to come back in one week and either return the pouch with the items inside or pay five dollars follow. Sarah takes the pouch. In so doing, she opens herself to the promise of hope and the gift of believing in magic.

This short story by Merri Hiatt has a word count of approximately 7,000 words.


Potato Chip Princess

This e-book is available at Amazon
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Doritos, Cheetos, SunChips, Lay's Classic potato chips, Pringles and Kettle chips all receive high marks in Sandi's eyes. When she's assigned to write about something she loves, what better topic could there be? Sandi reveals more in the chips than their salty crunch. The kids at school become defined by the type of chip that reflects their personality and characteristics best. The only question that remains is, what type of chip are you?

This short story by Merri Hiatt has a word count of approximately 1,870 words. 



Mama Lives in My Hair

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Four-year-old Celia Johnson is counting down the days until her mother returns from the Middle East where she is serving as an Army nurse. Even when Cee hears the news of her momma's death, she insists she'll still be returning on the day circled in red pen on the calendar. This short story reminds us all that our spirit does not die; it lives on, sometimes even in the toes and hair of the ones we love.

This short story by Merri Hiatt has a word count of approximately 3,500. 


The Magical Christmas Cookies

Available in paperback and e-book format at: 
Barnes & Noble

E-book only at KoboSonyApple iTunesDieselBaker & Taylor's Blio

Also available at Amazon UK 

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Loss seemed to surround the town of Maple Valley, until they were blessed by cookies, Magical Christmas Cookies.

When Laura Davidson and Holly Robinson teamed up to sell the sweet treats, wondrous things began to happen, even the weather changed.

As Holly's ten-year-old niece, Vanessa, said, "Maybe the magic of the Christmas cookies isn't so much in the cookies themselves, but the way people act after eating them."

A nibble of compassion here, a taste of forgiveness there, and icing made of hope did what nothing else was able to do. It brought Christmas Magic to Maple Valley.

This short story by Merri Hiatt has a word count of approximately 11,600.

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