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When Love's on Vacation (Embracing Love Trilogy) 


When Love's on Vacation (Sequel one of the Embracing Love Trilogy)

The She Musketeers are back!

Purity, Meg and Courtney are gathering up the men they love and heading for a vacation they've dubbed "California Dreamin'." While they're enjoying fun in the sun, a sinister plan begins to unfold that finds them in harm's way at every turn. They join together to turn the tables on their attackers and even manage to spend a few days in Las Vegas.

When Love's on Vacation can be read as a standalone book or after reading the Embracing Love Trilogy. 

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Also available at Amazon UK.

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The Embracing Love Trilogy Omnibus is now available. Includes all three books in the Embracing Love Trilogy.
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Smashwords - The Embracing Love Trilogy Omnibus

E-book only at KoboSonyApple iTunesDieselBaker & Taylor's Blio OmniLit  and All Romance Ebooks


Chapter One


Jeremy and Jacob were sprawled on the living room floor as Misha, the family cat, and Pinky, a three-month old black Labrador Retriever, fought for their attention.

?Mom! Misha?s hissing at Pinky again,? Jeremy said.

?They need time to figure out their new roles. We?ve talked about this before, honey. They have to work it out themselves,? Meg said, wiping her hands on her apron and checking on the chicken in the oven.

?What if they never work it out??

?They will. They just have to get used to one another. Right now they both want to rule the house.?

?It?s really not fair to Misha, she was here first,? Jacob said.

?It?s not fair to Pinky, either, just because she?s newer,? Jeremy said.

As if Pinky understood Jeremy?s words, she jumped into his arms and began licking his face generously.

?Stop!? Jeremy cried between giggles. ?Silly dog.?

?Have you two come up with any ideas for vacation spots?? Meg asked.

?I have!? Jeremy jumped up and ran toward Meg with Bobby?s iPad in his hand. He thrust it at her, saying, ?Let?s go here!?

Meg took the iPad and an image of the Grand Canyon came into view.

?It even says you can sleep over in a hotel at the bottom.?

?Looks like fun. I remember hearing somewhere that you used to be able to ride a donkey down a narrow trail all the way to the bottom.?

?Can people still do that?? Jeremy?s eyes lit with excitement.

?I don?t know, but I?ll check it out.?

?I had an idea, too,? Jacob said, coming into the kitchen. He took the iPad from Meg and went to the bookmarks and tapped on an option. When the web page loaded, he handed it back to Meg.

?Alaska. I?ve always wanted to go there. What made you choose Alaska??

?They have these massive ice formations. They?re called glaciers, I think. And, they have whales and moose. That?s all I really know, but it looks awesome. We?d get to fly and then take a ship.?

?These are both excellent ideas. You guys have done your homework. Is there anywhere else you?d like to go on vacation??

?Does it have to be educational?? Jacob asked.

?Not at all. This is for fun. It wouldn?t hurt us if we learned something along the way, though.?

?It?s educational,? Jeremy said, with a disappointed scowl.

?Where were you thinking about going??

?Disneyland or Disneyworld,? Jeremy said.

?That would be really fun!? Meg exclaimed. ?I haven?t been there in years. I?m sure it?s changed a lot since I was a kid.?

?So, that would be okay as a vacation choice?? Jacob asked.

?Absolutely. More than okay. As a matter of fact, it might be my number one selection.?

?You?re the coolest mom ever!? Jeremy yelled, then hugged Meg around the waist.

?What about me?? Bobby asked as he came through the front door.

?Hey, dad,? Jacob said.

?Hi, dad,? Jeremy said.

?If Meg?s the coolest mom, I have to be the coolest dad, right??

?Sure,? Jeremy said with a shrug.

?That?s all I get? Meg gets a hug and I get a shrug? Get over here.?

Jeremy and Jacob walked toward Bobby and he scooped them both up in his arms.

?Look, Meggie, there?s no need to buy that expensive weight set I?ve been looking at. I have my very own weights right here.?

The boys giggled and Bobby hugged them tightly, then released them.

?What smells so good?? He came into the kitchen and began to open a lid on a pot that was simmering on the stove.

?Don?t open that. It?s rice. You?ll ruin it by peeking.?

?What?s in the oven??

?Don?t open that, either. It?s chicken. When you open the door, the heat escapes.?

?I have a feeling you?ve told me this before.?

?I have.?

?Did I listen??


?My bad.?

Meg leaned close to Bobby and kissed him. ?I?m glad you?re home.?

He wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair. ?Me, too.?

?If you guys are done smooching, can we get back to what we were talking about?? Jeremy asked.

?What were you talking about?? Bobby asked.

?Vacation,? Jacob said.

?Oh, yes, vacation. I was envisioning the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Surfing and watching magnificent sunsets and then going to a luau. Maybe even visiting a live volcano. And, wearing one of those horrible touristy red shirts with white palm trees all over it.?

?I?ve never been to Hawaii. That sounds like an adventure,? Meg said.

?Surfing is in the ocean, right?? Jeremy asked.

?Usually,? Bobby replied.

?Aren?t there sharks in the ocean??


?Okay, so I won?t be going surfing.?

?Mostly, the sharks stay away from people.?

?Mostly? Nuh uh. If sharks are in the ocean, I?m not going in the ocean.?

?They only feed in the morning time,? Jacob said. ?I saw a show about it on t.v.?

?I saw a show, too, and this guy got bit and lost a ton of blood. You should have seen his surfboard!? Jeremy?s eyes were wide. ?No surfing for me.?

?There?s more to do than just surf,? Bobby said. ?What were your suggestions??

?Jacob said Alaska and Jeremy said the Grand Canyon,? Meg replied.

?Excellent choices. What about you, Meg? Where would you like to go??

?Anywhere is fine with me, as long as I?m with all of you.?

Bobby kissed Meg on the cheek. ?Perfect answer. No wonder the boys think you?re the coolest mom ever.?

The timer buzzed its reminder that the chicken was done. ?You guys get washed up for dinner. It?ll be ready in about ten minutes. No dawdling.?

?We don?t dawdle,? Jeremy said.

?You dawdle,? Jacob said.

?Do not.?

?Do too.?

?We all dawdle,? Bobby said. ?But, tonight we will not dawdle. We?ll all go straight to the bathroom, wash our hands and come back to the kitchen. Got it??

?Got it,? Jeremy said.

?Got it,? Jacob said.

Ten minutes later, the only man sitting at the table was Bobby.

?Well, I can see the boys really listened to my ?no dawdling? speech well.?

?They?ll be down in a minute,? Meg said.

?How can you be so sure??

?Jeremy?s favorite meal is roast chicken and Jacob loves my rice; neither one will want to miss dinner.?

?Now, I see how it works.?

?You know when you asked before about where I?d like to go on vacation??


?Well, there was one place I?d really like to go.?


?The Redwood National Forest in Northern California. I remember going when I was really little. The trees were overwhelming in size. I loved it.?

?You know, we?re going to have a hard time choosing a location that everyone can agree on.?

?I know. I wonder where Pure and Court will want to go??

?Courtney will probably want to go somewhere artsy like a gallery or museum.?

?I don?t think so. Court is down-to-earth and likes to get her hands dirty. Purity, on the other hand, would much rather have some kind of experience.?

?What do you mean, experience??

?Theme park or some kind of guided tour. She doesn?t like to think when she?s on vacation. She just wants it all laid out before her, so she can sit back and enjoy it.

Courtney would be up for herding cattle or white water rafting. Neither activity would be suitable for the boys, of course, as they?re too young.?

?Nine and eleven. Where did the last year go??

?Beats me.?

?We?re here!? Jeremy yelled as he jumped from the third stair.

?Nice landing,? Bobby said.

Jacob followed behind Jeremy. ?We got sidetracked a little bit. Sorry.?

Meg suppressed a smile.

?That?s okay. I just ate your portions. We?re done with dinner now. Hope you don?t get hungry,? Bobby said.

?Dad!? Jeremy exclaimed.

This time Meg laughed out loud. ?Your dad did not eat your dinner. Bobby, you really shouldn?t say things like that.?

?We knew he didn?t eat it. He?d never do that to us.?

?I might,? Bobby said.

?No you wouldn?t,? Jacob said. ?Besides, all the food is sitting here on the table. If you?re going to lie, you?re going to have to do better than that.?

Jeremy giggled. ?Good one,? he said to Jacob as he jabbed him in the ribs with his elbow.

?Let?s say grace and then eat,? said Meg.

?I?ll do it,? Jeremy said.

Meg nodded.

?Hey, God, it?s the Zyetta family, again, remember us? We just want to thank you for this amazing food mom made and you created. We think you?re pretty cool. Amen.?

?Amen,? they repeated, then began to dish up their food.



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